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You loved that track on LionafriQ and want to listen again?  Better yet, dedicate it or listen with someone? Cool, because our playlist bot, ‘BOTMUFASA’  will get your track and queue it in!  What are you waiting for, Let’s get that jam lined up!?  😉

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Song title*:
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EDM Artist? See Submission Page

Well, this is how it goes, the info you key in will be searched for matches in our database and if the track is available, then it’s queued for play.  This means that a ‘close-to-perfect’ or perfectly matched info has to be submitted.
If the song is available or matches what we have,  then it’s player IMMEDIATELY after the current track. Cool , huh!?  Since we may not have all or most of the tracks searched, this system is obviously best for music already in our playlist.

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  (Updated Periodically)

**Ha, Good Question! Mixes  cannot be played as requested. BOTMUFASA can’t lift all that weight.
**Same tracks cannot be requested more than twice by the same device within 12 hours. BOTMUFASA will only blue-tick you. 

Have fun Streaming.
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I’ve waited and it hasn’t played after the current track? 
The track is not on our DB or you keyed in unmatching info. The same also happens if the current playlist is a closed scheduled one or involves mixes, after which it’ll play right after as per the queue order. Sometimes a track or two may play before yours is played too.
What is BOTMUFASAs naming system?
Tracks on LionafriQ use this naming system.  “(Artist) – (Title) (Mix)”
For example, Muteru – fallin’ or Avril – Uko (Soloarez Remix)  …mostly, exactly as  the tracks were released.


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