Request Music


This page let’s you search and request a track straight into the queue. Requested tracks are played after 2-3 tracks in the order of priority of time. 

Artists who have made submissions can also use this feature to confirm if the music is in our playlists. [Note: If you got a confirmation email and don’t see your track, please let us know












I’ve waited and it hasn’t played after the current track? 
We can guarantee that the requested track will soon air. Sometimes, someone else has requested earlier and thus other tracks may be in queue.  Normally (without any other track in queue) the requested track will play after 2-3 tracks. 

I’m an artist, submitted my track but don’t see it in the playlist. 
If you got a confirmation email informing you that submitted music was added to our playlists but still don’t see it, please message us. [NOTE: LionafriQ Radio reserves the right to add, remove or decline submissions. Please ensure you upload quality mastered and tagged music. We ONLY accept submissions from the individual creators or record labels]


Submission Page