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Hutia Remix EP is Out! Here are the Remixes

Hutia Remix EP is out! A remix compilation of the track 'Hutia' by artists L3GS Music (Kenya), Kreative Nativez (Zambia) and Sineti X Moira (Kenya). Hutia is originally by Ayrosh, Dj Mura KE and Dj Ally Fresh check out the remixes below courtesy of Freshly Baked Africa. ORIGINAL TRACK: Ally Fresh x DJ Mura K.E - Hutia (feat. Ayrosh) THE REMIXES 1. L3GS REMIX 2. SINETI X MOIRA AMAPIANO REMIX […]

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13 Sensual Tracks to Give you Goosebumps

The weather has been up to some chilly shenanigans and we only hope you are warm but most importantly, safe.  About the cold weather, here's a playlist created to help with just that! Ideal for your calm listening... cheeky thoughts or well, those steamy cuddly moments indoors; as it thunders out there, foggy windows and water streaming down on the outside.  I hope you vibe or find new music or […]

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The Sarafina Flash Mob Pulls a Show in Nakuru Kenya

Upcoming play, Sarafina, had its casts take over the streets of Nakuru by performing a jaw dropping Flash Mob that put the city into a temporal halt. For the first time ever, The Sarafina play is coming to Nakuru, at the Nakuru Players Theatre! The play is staged by the Nairobi Performing Arts Studio and will be open for public attendance on: Thursday 24th October - 7 pm Friday […]

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LionafriQ Updates

101 with Kenyan Music Producer Ic4beast

More available is his music than you'd find any details about him on the Internet.  Playing well under the radar, Ic4beast has been on a remix spree with a signature sound of full-bodied Moombahton tracks which are hard not to give a nod. Stephen Mwangi aka Ic4beast is a Kenyan Electronic Music Producer who stands out through his Moombahton type of music. To be on the same lane with everyone, Moombahton […]

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LionafriQ Updates

July – The LionafriQ Mixology Month

LionafriQ Mixology is a special 1-Month playlist of  legendary electronic of mixes from any possible source across the globe. No doubt, mixes give a better musical experience in comparison to track scheduling, so why not!? At the same time, this helps us evaluate listener experience for future modifications. The playlist is a compilation of submissions from individual invites and selected mainstream mixes which surpass the average rating. So please lose […]

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