Ndoto Za Mjini Remix Contest: (CLOSED)

Greetings, we hope this finds you well! Thank you for your interest in this contest. This the first (and hopefully not the last) remix contest we’re holding. Following proposals from a small group of music enthusiasts, we’re happy to step in and coordinate this small, yet limitless Remix Contest. Limitless because anyone can register/submit their remix, any genre is accepted. We look forward to what comes out of it and hopefully, make such contests a regular thing! 

To separate doers from talkers this registration form helps us know who’s on board and make communication easy. Additionally, all artists who will participate will have their profiles put on our website under this contest. As such, we will need to share some little info about you.  Responses from this form will be marked as registrations for the ‘Ndoto za Mjini’ Remix Contest. 

Registration, and thus submissions, expire in 21 days (2nd December 2020).  Further communication will be provided to respondents by LionafriQ Radio via emails addresses collected from this form. Additionally, this page will update from time to time as the contest progresses. 

Interested persons can Register or Download the Stems using the buttons below.

Original Track

Artist Profiles: 

Sj Ndigro: Youtube | Instagram | Twitter
Watendawili: Youtube | Instagram | Twitter

Produced by: Jakajulu