July – The LionafriQ Mixology Month

LionafriQ Mixology is a special 1-Month playlist of  legendary electronic of mixes from any possible source across the globe. No doubt, mixes give a better musical experience in comparison to track scheduling, so why not!? At the same time, this helps us evaluate listener experience for future modifications.

The playlist is a compilation of submissions from individual invites and selected mainstream mixes which surpass the average rating. So please lose not your earphones this July for the lion roars!

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Mixology Month
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Playlist contains submissions from Kenya, South Africa, Cameroon, Spain, England, U.S.A, India… More are still flooding in…

Genres include Afro House, Deep House, Chillstep, Trance, Dance, Progressive House, Dub and Drum and Bass. You know what…? Specialization is for insects. We have tons of awesome genres.