Electronic Music and The Art of Remixing

In the music world, a remix is one of the most fascinating features of a song. A remix just redefines the art that the original was trying to portray, from the remixer’s perspective. 

Electronic music is a genre that has brought back to life too many old tunes, thanks to the ‘ease’ of making music. I put ease in quotes because i know how not easy is really is. 

Electronic Music employs the use and combination of digital,  mechanical and electronic musical instruments. Thanks to this, making music has been accessible and thus comes the magic of diversity and art. 

" I love The remix. It has a fatter drop!"

Most music fans are always fascinated about an electronic remix, this makes them want a remix to every song. However, making a remix is harder than dancing to it, even harder than some of the fans think. Staying long hours indoors with musical instruments and music editing software to get the order and touch to a song is really hectic. Did I mention the amount of skill required to find and combine the right samples?

LionafriQ Radio’s playlist is majorly made of remixes. The beauty of it is that upcoming music producers can easily add more value to music! 
Find below some sleek remixes we think you might love. While at it, Follow Kenyan Electronic Music Remixes playlist on Youtube. 

Remixed by Kreative Natives

Remixed by Jobarz Music

Remixed by Ki_Mani

Remixed by Dj Mura K.E