Cool Kenyan EDM Remixes you should check out

I’m a die-hard edmhead that is probably why I always check out or imagine EDM remixes for any tracks I like.
Here’s a list of some cool Kenyan EDM remakes that I just had to share. I hope you get new favourites.

1. Wicky Mosh – Atoti (L3GS Remix)

The 2002 classic is now reborn through the crafty Afro sounds of L3GS Music.

2. Defunk – Cant Buy Me ft. Megan Hamilton & Wes Writer (Artomic Remix)

Artomic is a fast rising EDM duo who recently made some new chill future bass releases with Valerie Rose & Alice Minguez (both from somewhere not in Africa.) Artomic is the kind that will  keep you looking forward to what’s next. This is a pretty cool remix. Love it when the chorus kicks in… and that drop!

3. Martin Garrix David Guetta – So Far Away ft. Jamie Scott Romy (DYLVN Remix)

I could jam to this track over and over. I actually do!

4.Anto Neosoul & L.A.X FINE BOY – Nakupenda (ic4beast remix) 

C4Beast is notorious for making Kenyan Moombah remixes that quite frankly outdo the originals.


5. Fvzzkill – Kuni (Dj Fita’s Remake)

This is Dj Fita’s remake of the sensual track Need Your body by Khwezi. Fvzzkill did a remake (I couldn’t find it anywhere anymore. 🙁  )

6. Ariana Grande – Into You (D3tra & Proj8ct Remix)

Proj8ct is actually from the +255. But there are no boarders in Our House. I wish i could find more about D3tra.

7. Rebecca & Fiona – Need You (Imran Remix)

The melody part is my favourite! Check out more for Imran… Especially if your heart beats for Funky House, Tech House &  Deep House!

8. David Guetta, Martin Garrix & Brooks – Like I Do (Avom Remix)

Meet the Avom.

9. Dabo Tap – Kansoul (Brackish Remix)

I specifically like how this remix transformed the original from a club song to one you’d make passionate love to!

Check out more remixes on LionafriQ Radio’s Youtube and Soundcloud Playlists.
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