Month: October 2018

So it’s Friday and am here at this nice bar nursing a drink as I unwind from a very long hectic week at work. I am waiting for my friend and I guess she is running late. Am in my chill mode and the DJ is playing some nice EDM remixes in the background and […]

EDM music has come to be the love of very many people, and it is sound that is produced electronically with beats that will have you move from your seat to the dance floor. With the expansion of EDM music the need to classify it into different genres has come to be entirely necessary. There […]

I’m a die-hard edmhead that is probably why I always check out or imagine EDM remixes for any tracks I like. Here’s a list of some cool Kenyan EDM remakes that I just had to share. I hope you get new favourites. 1. Wicky Mosh – Atoti (L3GS Remix) The 2002 classic is now reborn through the crafty Afro sounds of […]

The Kenyan EDM Scene  is rapidly growing and it is still a surprise that most people have no idea what it is. When you meet a group of music fanatics, they will sing about EDM, and the rest of the people will remain stranded with no idea what is the topic of discussion. Then you meet […]

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