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LionafriQ Radio is designed to stream successfully using the most basic stable Internet connection across all devices or platforms.

In case you are new to this experience, there are 4 ways to stream. Through: your web browser, streaming applications (mobile devices), through your computer or smartphone media player, and through Facebook. Listening on your browser is pretty easy and all you have to do is go to our home page, click play on the player. You may also use directories (which are provided at the end of this page) Streaming applications will also be provided. Listening on Facebook requires you to visit our page and Use App (recommended) or click on the ‘Listen Live on Facebook’ tab. While at it, remember to give us a ‘like’ 😉.

How to Listen Externally on your Media Player

We know Listening via the browser can be quite uncomfortable.
Download LionafriQ.m3u or LionafriQ.pls on the Home page, below the ‘Recently played’ list on stream player. Simply load the file to your media player and stream. Various smartphone media players can also use this streaming method.

Listening Directories

From the following directories, you’ll stream LionafriQ Radio seamlessly.

Tunein – hence TuneIn App, Live Online Radio , Live Radio, Streema – hence Simple Radio App, Streamitter, Free Radio TuneAudials – hence Audials Radio App, Kenyannews, Radioteka , Orange Radio – hence Orange Radio App,  Radio Shaker, VTuner, Pickradio, Dirble,, IStream radio, Radio Air – hence Radio Air App & Online Radios.

Mobile apps include: Sikiliza Kenya Radios and Kenya FM Radio Station Online.

LionafriQ Radio’s Android and iOS streaming apps are still under development. We’ll give links as soon as they are complete.

How to Embed Radio Player On Your Website

Simply copy and paste code snippet on this  post .

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