About Us

LionafriQ Radio is a free-to-air/listen non-profit online radio built on a premium Shoutcast Version 2 platform.

Created by  Electronic Dance Music (EDM) enthusiasts, the radio is built to offer an ecstatic musical experience. Playlists are mainly made of EDM,  sub-genres Chillstep, House, Drum and Bass, Techno, Electronic, Dance, Trance, Trap, Dubstep, Reggaestep/Dub,  etc. However, LionafriQ Radio may occasionally deviate from these genres for irresistible music.

Conceived in 2016, this Radio was set up to offer deep and soulful musical entertainment and promote artists with exemplary music. Still, that is the sole reason it stands.

Want your music featured? LionafriQ Radio only welcomes original content made by those making submissions. View submissions page.

LionafriQ Radio does not intend any Copyright Infringement. We do not sell content or give away bought content. Airplay is intended for Live Streaming only, most preferably by channels provided on this site. If any of the artists/labels have a problem with the use of their content, please message us and content will be removed as soon as possible.

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LionafriQ Radio